the positive effects of rug hooking on an icy morning


I went to my hooking group this morning.  What a treat on an icy morning to settle in with my hook, newly-dyed nylons and good conversation. These longtime friendships meeting over hooking frames are incredibly sustaining. A recent Globe and Mail article, explained the therapeutic advantages of knitting which I am sure are equally relevant for rug hooking. After quoting Kaffe Fassett about the 'life-enhancing' advantages  of playing with wool and colour,  the article cites the work of a doctoral student at the University of Exeter who says: “I have seen how knitting helps people with stress problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and pain. But it’s not just for people with problems. It’s a great, portable preventative tool.” No one in our group is conducting research, but at the same time, no one doubts the positive effects of a morning with colour, design and good friends. As for the sunbird--I've made some adjustments to his beak and started the background. I hope to have it finished and another one started before I leave. Stay tuned.


  1. Am I reading this correctly???? Is the bird done in cut up nylon stockings???

    • Yes, Cheryl, I had a pile of white stockings which I dyed. You cut them horizontally, that is across the legs into strips and hook with them.


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