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hooking heart

This amazing map is hooked! It hangs in the Visitors' Centre in Gros Morne Park, Nfld. We visited this magical place  a couple of years ago. Every vista was a potential hooked rug. Makes me want to get back to my hooking frame. Now that our shows are over--thank you so much to everyone who came both in Kingston and Belleville! They were a great success. But now that they are over, I want to get back to hooking. Fireworks awaits. I have three border sides left and promise myself it will be done by spring.  


some new bags for tomorrow

 The top bag is another version of the Keller Bag--this one is great black upholstery leather with reinforced bottom panel, adjustable shoulder strap and exterior and interior pockets.  The next is a red Luna Bag; like the turquoise one here, it has a double pocket on the front, adjustable shoulder strap and interior pockets.  The final one is the Slouch, in this version in fuschia flocked leather.  It has a front zipper pocket and an interior one and a narrow adjustable shoulder strap.  I'm doing little drawings for the tags, so just getting them all straight. These bags will be available tomorrow at the show as well as much more. Hope to see you.    


new work

It's been a bit mad here, trying to get everything ready for a couple of small shows. But sometimes your best work comes out of that pressure hothouse, that manic activity. Ideas flow and magically come to fruition. Below is the Orange Keller Bag. I've made versions of this bag before, but somehow the leather, the stitching and the proportions all work beautifully on this one.  Carissa has been after me to 'sign' my work--so I decided to apply a leather bird to the front. This version will not be the final one--it is actually a template for my dyeing--but I like the idea. It's subtle but identifying.  The leather was two remnant pieces I have had for some time, durable and great to the hand.  It measures 12" x 14" x 4". A few changes in the interior too. Below are two new canvas totes, Bird with Attitude and Bird in a Hurry. I made myself a prototype of this bag some time ago and I have found it an excellent size for toting all my gear or filling with market produce. They each feature leather handles, outside pockets and an interior zipper pocket. Things have not been so busy that I haven't had time for the important things--Margaret Atwood last night in Picton, delightfully incisive in support of important County projects, both natural and cultural, and today the One-of-a-Kind show.


more inspiration

  These books are by my bed and I am soaking in their inspiration. I remember Vera from the sixties, and wish I had kept the scarves I so loved then for their bright graphics. Orla Kiely is a new discovery. The watercoours of her work are lovely. I plan to do a small watercolour on the tag of each bag for my show this weekend. I am going full steam to get everything done but want to make time for this. Fingers crossed. At bottom is a shot of colour from the studio.    


I am a retired educator and recovered administrator. I have always been interested in fibre, first as a weaver, now as a rug hooker and screen printer. Over the last few years I have become passionate about giving a new life to cast-off wool and leather. This is my journal where I muse about my creative life.

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