last turquoise Keller and upcoming sale

turqk3intI had just enough of this lovely turquoise leather to make a final Keller bag. The last one went to Chicago and I was very pleased to read thisĀ comment about it. I have been running the online store for 10 months now and I have learned lots and met some super people. I will be closing it for a month beginning January 21 because, as you know, I will be in Kenya. There are a few things in it now and I will be adding more for Monday when I will be having the first online sale. I hope you will check it out Monday afternoon for some great bargains. This Keller will be available on Monday too.turqkeller3


  1. Is this bag still available?

  2. Yes, Angela. This bag is available. The link for the on-line store is on the right under Navigation. Check it out.
    If you are close enough to Belleville to pick up the bag, just send me an email rather than buy in the shop.

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