This illustration is from Larry Smith's Ted Book, a collection of six-word memoirs by students. I love the graphics of this one by Elizabeth Kay Oh--the colour blocks and the pen and ink girl whose wide eye gives all the expression needed--and I love the reminder. Things don't have to be complicated. She seems to be reading a map, temporarily stopped, but prepared to move forward in spite of complications. Check out some of the other 6-word memoirs through the link--it's contagious! Smith now has me composing one of my own.

I am enjoying the computer today, as I read my own maps and prepare for the trip ahead. I am going to rural Kenya where I will be without connection for much of the time. It makes me realize how accustomed I am to checking 'my' sites, staying in touch with those online places I value for news and ideas and inspiration. I've been downloading a few podcats and some music but mostly I plan to go without, immersing myself in a different space and time, absorbing the life and the lessons there. So after this week, blog additions will be from sporadic to non-existent. But I promise to write when I can and fill in the details when I get home. I still have a little bit more to say this week before I go. In the meantime, here is another blog to check out. You may find some inspiration and if you have time, click on Saori Weaving and read that too!