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image The church bells in Stans wake us each morning. Today is Thursday and looks like another day of sunshine. We have been very lucky for the whole holiday with sunny cycling weather. Yesterday was a day off cycling and we took the hop-on bus for a tour around the area. While we were waiting for the bus, I sat on the curb and sketched the church in Stans with pencil and a waterbrush--pretty fast. Then the open air bus took us through Schwaz and Vomp and back around through Stans before we got off in search of the Geiger factory. I have loved Geiger woollens since I was in highschool and I was delighted to find the outlet store. We asked if they sold remnant pieces of their fabric and the wonderful staff there told us to come back at 2pm. They recommended a bakery for lunch--and even in this industrial area, the bakery was a delight both for the building and the food..  Canada could learn alot from the Austrians--this is a chain of bakeries, but well done. You can  see  our  lattes  on the outdoor  table. Of course it helps to have the scenery you see below on all sides! This was taken as we drank our lattes.image imageBack at the Geiger factory, there was a big a pile of remnant pieces of wool in two weights waiting for us. We each loaded up with several pieces which they sold by the kilogram. Here is our combinded pile including the wool binding. And below that the sketch I did of our balcony after we got back.  I haven't had much time to sketch on the trip and this too was a quick one. But it is great how sketching opens up conversations. The server, Tamas, even went to get his phone to show me his own art work. I love that about sketching.image image image


  1. I just discovered your blog….FABULOUS!

    • Great to find the wool! Do you have a rug design in mind? The bakery is pretty, inside and out. Did you have a croissant?

      • Hi Carissa
        The wool is actually not for hooking but for sewing–mittens, and I hope, tunics. I have some good size pieces and hope to turn them into vests and tunics.

        About the bakery? Delicious!

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