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one more sleep

I am all packed and ready to go. I get to Amsterdam Saturday morning, Nairobi Saturday night and Matangwe some time on Sunday. A wonderful new book that I had pre-ordered some time ago arrived yesterday, just in time to take with me. I have promised myself that I will record all the new sights in my sketchbook. This new book by Gabriel Campanario is an excellent resource with loads of sketches from people around the world. Some of my faves are there. Speaking of art and faves...a local grade 6 class has been helping me with my Kenya plans. They each wrote letters to the students there, they made an amazing 12 minute video to illustrate their lives and they gathered well over 50 pounds of art and sport supplies for the students in Matangwe. I will be so proud to share the efforts of these students with the students in Kenya. My large red duffle bag is jammed to the seams with pencils, pens, erasers, paints and soccer balls. Thanks so much Grade 6's! And finally here is Fireworks, three sides of the border done. Working at it each day I was able to complete side three in just over a week. I figure the whole thing will be done by the end of April, with any luck, but for now we are giving each other a much-needed break.


new thoughts, new rug 2

I love the work of Hundertwasser--his paintings and his tapestries. I think his work has much to tell us and much to inspire us for rug hooking (just look at this background). He loves houses--so I am enjoying his versions as I plan my next rug. You won't be disappointed if you follow the link to his official website. Friends of mine are lucky enough to have an original--it has so much wonderful colour and fanciful detail. 


I hooked this pillow in October 2007, adding a new block each day or two. When I look at it now, I remember just what happened that month. Hooking as journal.


fish in line

This is an early piece where I was learning about colour and values. It is now at my sister's cottage, adding vibrant shots of colour. This is a purchased pattern, but I am sorry to say that I do not know whose.


new thoughts, new rug

These days I am hooking on Fireworks, reading websites about travelling to Kenya, packing, and dreaming about my next rug. Last year when we were in the National Gallery I took this photo of a new book about Vienna in 1900. I am thinking of ordering it here, a wonderful site which has no minimum for free shipping.  I know many others have found Klimt an inspiration for rug hooking--and I see his influence in my own work, even something like this chair seat which was done several years ago in a class with Sharon Townsend at the  Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild's wonderful November classes and show. (I have just sent off my application for November 2012!) I am planning a new rug for Owen and Carissa--it will have houses in it, both their family homes and the new house they have together. Somehow there will be winding roads in it--and birds. For me, backgrounds are as important as major images--and much more intriguing. I am playing with the idea of tessellated birds in various colours of the sky. Just playing for now.


I am a retired educator and recovered administrator. I have always been interested in fibre, first as a weaver, now as a rug hooker and screen printer. Over the last few years I have become passionate about giving a new life to cast-off wool and leather. This is my journal where I muse about my creative life.

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