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good luck and more

Verona's good luck bird, polished by many hands as they pass. 20120529-032020.jpg

20120529-032032.jpg One last shot from Verona--someone else loves the graphic quality of Hundertwasser as much as I do

20120529-032310.jpg and now on our way...


20120529-032924.jpg We have cycled 55 kilometers each of the last two days along canals and wooded trails stopping in small villages for latte macchiato. The damage from the recent earthquake was evident. These bells were removed from a crumpling church tower.

20120529-034030.jpg along the route...


20120529-034912.jpg Ferrara...

20120529-035255.jpg and finally back to the barge to enjoy the edge of a glorious day




This is a city of love. Outside both Romeo's and Juliet's homes thousands of lovers have inscribed their names in hearts. You can also buy a lock and fasten it to the gate along with the many others who have made promises and thown away the key. Or you cam touch Juliet's right breast (the shiny one) for good luck. The architecture tells the story of this ancient city, from Roman roads to new bridges which replaced those blown up in 1945. Here are some of my favourites.





20120526-041610.jpg There are rug inspirations everywhere--in the beautiful iron work and the frescoes. But the highlight of yesterday which we found by good luck was the Conte Graphic Arts Museum where the granddaughter of the original owner, Rossana Conte, gave us a wonderful tour. Just look at those stunning geometrics on the old wooden printing blocks!!




20120526-045635.jpg Couldn't resist that last shot which I took with my iphone last night outside the restaurant--iconic!!


Italy tomorrow

I am almost ready to head off for Italy. Suitcase packed, helmet adjusted, and enough hours on the bike that I feel ready for the challenge ahead. I definitely have my sunscreen--got just a little too much sun on Sunday's ride--and my reading material. My third Maggie O'Farrell--I think I have said here before how great her novels are. This one is After You'd Gone--I can't wait to start it. Her works have engaging characters and subtle challenging plots. If you are at all intrigued, watch the video --and give one of her books a try. My second book is Kayak Morning--I have begun this one and I will let you read the review to see the wonders I have ahead. I'll be in Verona for a couple of days before we start cycling and then will finish up in Venice for a few more days. In the interval, if all goes as planned, I will be cycling through the northern Italian countryside, soaking in the beauties around me. If bad weather or other obstacles intervene, I will be on the barge enjoying the cuisine, the wine and the company. Either way, I plan to blog and take you along with me. So stay tuned. Christine


bird and house images

My favourite images are of birds and houses. I love to draw them and also to see how others interpret the concepts. The new wedding rug will have both birds and houses and as I look at things in my design collection, it is birds and houses that dominate. Here is my new laptop case from Built. Their slogan is Love Your Stuff. My slogan modifies that a little--reduce the stuff you have to just what you love.  And speaking of what I love...I love working with my good friend and designer extraordinaire, Melanie. Below is the proposed label for the sewing work of the women in Matangwe. Melanie took one of the drawings done by the grade 6 children in Matangwe and turned it into this marvelous label. We are hoping to increase the scope of the work the women produce and develop a recognizable brand. This is a start. And now on to birds. Here is a glimpse of one of the new prints we are working on. I will be using this for the lining of my leather bags and for new canvas and leather totes. All to come for the fall. ps  Yesterday's long bike ride in Prince Edward County went really well and the new Strava app worked like a charm. More cycling to come this weekend as the clock ticks down to next Wednesday when I leave for two week's cycling in Italy.


I am a retired educator and recovered administrator. I have always been interested in fibre, first as a weaver, now as a rug hooker and screen printer. Over the last few years I have become passionate about giving a new life to cast-off wool and leather. This is my journal where I muse about my creative life.

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