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wedding rug progress

I always find that the rug I am hooking has a mind of its own. Not long after I pull the first few loops, the rug starts telling me what to do, in fact bossing me around. Put that colour here, rip out that section there! So rug progress is a bit of a freighted phrase. The rhythm of rug growth is uneven and unsure for me. Right now I am thinking about the ground beneath the house and the sky. I want them to be wonky circles of colour--at the bottom green moving into blue--at the top mid-blue moving to dark--and then a border of a flock of flying birds. So that is where my mind is as I move around sections of colour. I can draw all the designs I like, it's not until those strips are pulled through to hunker down beside each other that I know what is working and what isn't. And sometimes, all seems fine until I put a new section in--and then the whole thing changes. At any rate, here is where I am now.  One step forward and three back.


cottage weekend

We have been away for a few days at the cottage. A long weekend in June of clear weather and few on the lake--perfect. I enjoyed a swim and a few kayak paddles, but mostly soaked in the solitude, the bird song (including the 4 a.m. serenade of a whip-poor-will) and read The Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht. The novel won the Orange Prize in 2011--this is a prize I put much stock in--and make sure that I read each year's choice. I have a new novel waiting for me--but first I am going to read my final Maggie O'Farrell. Oh the joys of summer reading! Home now with a full week ahead--including tackling the wedding rug. Will post a progress report when I get a chance. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of the weekend.


a new rug

I've been talking about the wedding rug for ages. Well...I finally began it last week at rug school. Since I was away in Italy until a very few days before leaving for Vermont, I did not have much of a chance to think or preplan. The rug has been dancing in my head for ages, but elusively.  So I cut and serged a piece of linen 4.5' x 2'5', tucked a few pieces of wool in my bag and a couple of books for inspiration and we set off for the hills of Vermont. I have been hoping to do a rug inspired by Ton Schulten for quite some time. His paintings are built of bright geometric shapes which I am drawn to. I have played with geometric shapes in the background of many of my rugs. This time I thought it would be fun to put the geometry in the foreground and the background. I also knew I wanted a border of flying birds--after all this rug is for two very exuberant Birds! I decided to do a geometric version of their house as the main motif, flanked by huge colourful flowers. As I have told you, my teacher was Jule-Marie Smith and you couldn't have anyone better to inspire big colourful flowers. Here is one from one of her rugs:  And here is some of the wool stacked on my hooking table and the start of the wedding rug.  


I am a retired educator and recovered administrator. I have always been interested in fibre, first as a weaver, now as a rug hooker and screen printer. Over the last few years I have become passionate about giving a new life to cast-off wool and leather. This is my journal where I muse about my creative life.

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