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a perfect final day in Paris

This morning I walked down rue Mouffetarde to buy a loaf of bread and find a spot to sketch. This is a lively area of market stalls, shops and cafes. This has been a roadway since the Roman settlement of the area and originally lead to Rome. Many of the current buildings date back to the 13th century. 20121028-131143.jpg 20121028-131256.jpg 20121028-131510.jpg I found a table in a cafe with a good view for sketching... 20121028-131935.jpgand right beside me was wonderful fench music and dancing!! 20121028-132402.jpg 20121028-132546.jpgAll around people were singing and enjoying the street theatre and a morning cafe. How civilized. Then this afternoon we walked along the Seine to the Tuileries Garden to sketch. The weather could not have been more perfect. All of Paris seemed to be out enjoying the afternoon. The Tuileries has many, many chairs, enough for everyone to take in the sights and savour the day. 20121028-135136.jpg 20121028-135806.jpg 20121028-135907.jpg We finished the day with a short visit to the Louvre--a perfect ending.


a day in Chartres

Yesterday was lovely in Paris when we boarded the train for Chartres one hour late (the early train was cancelled because of the strike.) But in Chartres it was overcast and the spires of the cathedral were bathed in fog. But nothing could diminish the stunning beauty of the cathedral and the ancient town around it.






20121026-150628.jpg I love the small details of craftsmanship which are everywhere.


20121026-150814.jpg Our train back to Paris was running on time and after a full day we were back in just under an hour--strikes or not, there is much to admire about the french transit system.



20121025-135114.jpgThe weather in Paris has been clear and sunny, intensifying the beauties all around.

20121025-140424.jpgThe Marais is my favourite area in Paris, and Place des Vosges is its quiet green spot where the people watching is the best.

20121025-141057.jpg We also went to a wonderful fabric store in a courtyard in the Marais just off rue des Francs Bourgeois, Entree des Fournisseurs. Linen, Liberty cotton, yarn, woollen felt and so much more.

20121025-141947.jpgYes, that is my bag of purchases outside the door. And, everywhere I look I see potential rugs!



20121025-143709.jpg And last for today, our visit to Sennelier to buy watercolour paints. What a place!



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When we arrived last week, we drove to Weimar, a city full of history. The Bauhaus Museum was a highlight for me, especially the textiles. And we found a little yarn bombing just outside, although this looks manufactured rather than hand-made. The tag says "Stitch graffiti makes the world colourful and cozy."


20121024-021012.jpgOf much more cultural significance...



20121024-021312.jpg That last photo is of the Geothe and Schiller statue in the square outside the Bauhaus Museum. After two days, not nearly long enough, we went to Leipzig to the Thomaskirche where Bach was the organist and Kappelmeister from 1723 until 1750. What a thrill to go inside and hear a choir practising!




first post after almost a week away

20121022-133427.jpg I have been in Germany for the past week with my long-time friend, A. How lucky we have been with 20+ degree days of sun. We spent two days in Weimar and three in Berlin, sketching and taking photos of these incredible cities. For the next couple of posts I will include some of my favourite images and then later some of our sketches. Today some shots of Berlin. First off, I could not resist the red Deux Chevaux! And one of our favourite corners was this one:

20121022-134501.jpg The street name reminds us to "remain faithful" and this corner gives us the message in German and in French. The incredible Reichstag Kuppel is a structure of glass and steel erected on top of the original 1894 building housing the German Parliament.

20121022-135432.jpg Marx and Engels:

20121022-140215.jpg Art Nouveau or Jugendstil design elaborately executed and echoed beautifully in the subway:


20121022-140841.jpg And finally the Berlin bears spotted all over the city.


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I am a retired educator and recovered administrator. I have always been interested in fibre, first as a weaver, now as a rug hooker and screen printer. Over the last few years I have become passionate about giving a new life to cast-off wool and leather. This is my journal where I muse about my creative life.

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